Tales of Ragnarok

Game Play

Tales of Ragnarok is a combination of strategy and idle RPG games. Basically, to win other empires (players) in the battle. Players have to fight against players' empires or AI using planned battle strategy and god skills.
Many unique Heroes in different factions with specific skills! Summon your Gods, train them to become mighty warriors! Improvise your Attack and Defences Formation in a 4x4 grid map 🗺

God Battle Strategy

Before the game start, players have to set a formation to place 1 to 3 Gods into the 4x4 grid battlefield. Players should determine about god class, specific skills, and grid position to be put God on to leverage the battlefield environment and battle route.
When the battle begins, Gods will move forward to attack the enemy’s Gods along the route. That’s why positioning in the first place is crucial. Including players have to analyze enemies what kind of strategy they use. So that players can take advantage to win the game.

Auto Battle

  • Each God possesses different strengths, weapons, and skills.
  • The God going to the arena will automatically compete based on the skills that the player has practiced.
  • Choose the path to build a god suitable for each god to achieve the highest win rate.
  • Choosing the right opponent and having different skills is the way to win a match.

God Skill

Skills are special abilities of your god. That depends on each god's part
for example,
  • Medusa’s head has Stone Gaze card skill.
  • Zeus’s lightning has Thunder Bolt card skill.
  • Odin’s body has Monarch of Asgard card skill.
  • Fire spear weapon has Rain of ember spear skill.
Skills are organized into 3 categories:
  • Passive Skills
  • Stat Boosters
  • Super Ultimate
Each god has a minimum of 3 skills to use in the battle. When used skill, it has cool down to reuse skill again. As you see, each god has a different shape and different power skills!


Players will gain $TOR tokens and EXP as a reward at the end of the game depending on the game mode. $TOR reward amount depends on the following conditions.

Game Modes

There are 3 gameplay modes in Tales of Ragnarok