Tales of Ragnarok

Ragnarok Arena Challenge (PvP)

Real-time intense battles! All battles happen in real-time! The victory is at hand!

Fighting with other players, Challenge with your god's tactics, Know how strong you are? Let your empire land in "Ragnarok Arena."​
The arena hosts one season every week. Gods from all over the world flock here with the strongest teams, fighting each other to find the best. The highest-ranking teams will receive top-rank rewards when the arena is over.‌
Fighting in "Ragnarok Arena" doesn't consume god energy. You can play unlimited time to claim up to the top of Leaderboard for a better rank reward!


Ranking players by God’s level and skill. This ranking system will make more competition between players to become #1 and get exclusive rewards only from this challenge.
The leaderboard is divided into two classes, World-class and Country-class. Top players of World-class are eligible for season special rewards (each season has different ranking conditions and extra prizes). Besides, there are two different types of leaderboards.
  • God Ranking calculate from God’s level and God’s class which technical calculate from all God’s levels and class.
  • Trophy Ranking calculated from Empire Battle Mode win trophies.
And soon, more new types of raking will come out, including more battle matches for further experience and fun for all players.


  • Experience points (EXP)
  • Ranking rewards (Gods box, Weapon box, $TOR, etc.)

Step to Play Ragnarok Arena Challenge

  1. 1.
    First, join the Ragnarok Area Challenge, then start the battle
2. The game system will find your competitor players that online status and match range ranking with you
3. When the system finds competitor players, you can choose 1 of three suggest competitor players fight.
4. On the pre-battle screen, you will see your enemy creating formation in 4x4 grids, let’s create your team to fight them
5. Choose the gods you want to participate in this battle and set your god's formation tactics, Don’t forget about gods position and choose the advantage god to fight, then start the Battle
6. Battle will start when you and your competitor press the ready button (if not press the ready button, the game will countdown time and force you to start battle)
7. Watching your gods fighting your enemies. during watching, you can choose the right time to use god's skill.
8. Then, please enjoy your own game, the winner side is who can destroy all enemy side.