Tales of Ragnarok

Virtual-Strategy Battle (PvE)

Virtual-Strategy Battle is a battle simulator with other random empires (computer) by creating gods formation in 4x4 grids and watching your god fighting your enemies. The player can use god's skill manually or set it to automatic use skill. The winner is who can destroy all enemy sides.

Energy for Battle

You can play “Virtual-Strategy battle” every day. But your god needs time to rest to recuperate after running out of energy from battle. God needs you to fill energy by using a few $TOR every day to start playing Virtual-Strategy Battle again.
Each god has a different energy capacity based on rarity score to participate in the battle enemy.
*Battle energy will not accumulate if God does not participate in the battle.


  • Experience points (EXP)
  • Tokens ($TOR)
The received reward depends on the number of gods in battle.

Gods Depreciation

Nothing lasts forever, Not even God in Tales of Ragnarok.
Your god will be depreciated day-by-day which depends on your god’s rarity:
When it reaches 0, God will become a ‘stone statue’. You will need to re-summon your God again, which costs $TOR.

Quick Battle

Players can use the Quick Battle feature to complete all battles with remaining energy, making you can save time from many turn plays to get rewards.
The reward from Quick Battle is decreased from normal gameplay in exchange for time saving

Step to Play Virtual strategy Battle

  1. 1.
    First, Re-fill the daily energy of your gods and start the match
2. On the pre-battle screen, you will see your enemy formation in 4x4 grids, let’s create your team to fight them
3. Choose the gods you want to participate in this battle and set your god's formation tactics, Don’t forget about gods position and choose the advantage god to fight, then start the Battle
4. Watching your gods fighting your enemies. During watching, you can use god skill manually or set to automatic use skill.
5. Then, please enjoy your own game, the winner side is who can destroy all enemy sides.