Tales of Ragnarok


Marketplace system in Tales of Ragnarok is designed to offers a great user experience to Buy, Sell, and Auction Gods and Weapons within the game with a secure system.


We created the most accessible filter and category for players to find god with specific criteria. Players can search through price, parts, level, rarity score, and much more to find a god that matches precisely the needs.


Want to find any defensive or mightiness weapons that match with god? We also designed the weapons marketplace to support the complex searching with robust criteria matching on the backend for you!

Medium of Exchange

In Marketplace, we use $TOR or $BUSD to exchange items because we understand that someone wants to trade into Stable coin, but someone needs $TOR to continue to make more trade in the game.
Buy & Sell in the market will cost a small fee and keep in treasury and distribute in the economy like special events, campaigns, return to the holders, and more to build an ecosystem healthier.