Tales of Ragnarok


Avatar is an NFT generative art 🖼 for every player with utility use-cases in Tales of Ragnarok ecosystem such as profile, exclusive access, and future add-on integrated with the game and metaverse!
Avatar has two different types, Genesis and Common Avatar. Genesis Avatar can only generate through the Asgard Event (First Airdrop Campaign) to reward the early adopters who believe in the project. Common Avatar can generate anytime bypassing the player's qualify (Level, Ranking) and cost some $TOR to mint the Avatar.
Our stat summary of campaign First Avatar NFT Airdrop

Utilities for Avatar

Avatar is meant to be a unique identity for players. It can have over 100,000+ unique faces to match with the player wallet, and with this identity, we can create any practical use-cases with gamification like Avatar's Group Early Access Ticket, Quest, Beta Test, and many things 🎉