Tales of Ragnarok


Weapons are equitable NFT (Non-Fungible Token) with unique skill cards and rarity scores. After the Weapon has been equipped with the god, the Weapon's skill card will be added to god with the raise on rarity score as well 🆙.
Various weapons and skills will roll out for players to combine the right god with the right weapon and create the most effective strategy to win the game. As a defensive player, God with tank class equipped Aegis will benefit from add-on defensive Weapon's skill card; who can crack the tank with the heavy shield, right?
Weapons will open the room for creativity for the game as a weapon is not limited to god or mythology weapons anymore, but anything on the space that you can imagine, Sky is not the limit! Maybe someday, you might see Zeus equips the Lightsaber. What a game! 🤩